The ProTouch Laser is the newest cutting edge technology for the treatment of BPH.  The hemostatic properties coupled with a minimal zone of coagulation necrosis makes this the perfect treatment for your hospital, ambulatory surgery center (ASC) or office.

      The ProTouch has a flat tip fiber to enucleate as well as an angled tip fiber for ablation. The properties of the ProTouch wavelength are the trifecta of tissue vaporization. Its wavelength is absorbed by water; therefore, the beam only propagates approximately 1 mm. No need to worry about harming the bladder wall or ureteral orifices. The ProTouch beam is also absorbed by oxyhemoglobin and fat, so it is a great coagulator.
      This 100-watt pulsed diode tabletop unit comes with real time fiber temperature monitoring for extended fiber life. Weighing only 55 pounds and powered by a standard 110-volt outlet, the ProTouch is perfect for any medical facility.