We are the area distributor for Convergent Laser Technologies, a privately owned company located in Alameda, CA.

The Odyssey 30 holmium laser is the perfect laser system for endouroligists. Its 2100 nm infrared output can disintegrate stones and ablate tissue with minimal lateral damage. An endourologist can choose from a wide range of fiber sizes to operate throughout the urinary tract. The green aiming beam provides optimum color contrast on tissue, making it much easier to see than our competitors red aiming beam; furthermore the 30-watt output power is more than enough to pulverize the toughest stone.

In addition, Mackin Medical employs factory-trained technicians to service the lasers we sell. Each laser we sell comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty. Extended warranties are also available to suit your needs.

A loner laser will be provided for all out facility holmium laser warranty repairs.


Mackin Medical supplies Holmium: YAG lasers for all your urologic needs.  We can also supply a CO2 laser and a Nd: YAG laser for bronchial tumors.  Our services are provided on a case-by-case basis, and no contracts are necessary.


We supply necessary disposable equipment needed to complete the case in conjunction with proper eyewear and laser signs.  Our company also assigns a knowledgeable laser technician, trained and certified by each individual laser manufacturer, to set up and operate the laser as well as answer any questions posed by your hospital staff.


We also supply fibers for a variety of medical lasers that accept a SMA standard connector.  

Our fibers are compatible with Lumenis (Coherent), Dornier and Stonelight laser systems.


We offer the convenience of single use fibers along with fibers that can be reused up to five times with negligible degradation.  Fiber selections range between a 200-micron core size and a 940-micron core size.  Our fibers also have a patented connector that limits back reflection to extend blast shield life, and our fibers have the maximum bend in the industry.


All of our laser fibers can be shipped overnight.  Place an order prior to 3:30 pm, and you can receive it as early as 8:30 am the next business day (including Saturday).