The ProTouch pulsed diode laser has been updated to fire in air up to 90 watts and accept a
400 um fiber.  Doctors can now do procedures outside the bladder and in the ureter.
The peak pulse has been increased to 120 watts, which allows for cleaner
cutting with less charring and faster ablation.

Mackin Medical has a new 30 watt holmium laser that operates on a standard 110 volt wall outlet.
It fires with a maximum energy of 3 joules per pulse delivering 8.5 Kw peak pulse power,
which is enough energy to fragment any bladder stone.  It also comes with the option of
extending the pulse width to 700 us.  This reduces stone retropulsion, which is
advantageous when breaking proximal stones or bladder stone fragments.   


Mackin Medical is also the Philadelphia area distributors of Richard Wolf Instruments. 

Richard Wolf provides the complimentary instruments required for all BPH laser procedures,

including a morcellator that fits through a 26f resectoscope bridge.

Offering a variety of lasers 

for all your urologic needs.


Laser Rentals, Laser Sales & Instrument Sales



No Capital Expenditures: Rent on a case-by-case basis, so there are no long-term financial obligations.  No repair costs or service contracts.

No chance of equipment becoming outdated: We carry the latest technology; there is no chance of your facility buying equipment that will become obsolete over time.

No need for an extra staff member: When you rent from us, we provide a fully insured laser technician to operate the laser.  Our laser technicians are certified by the laser manufacturer, and have years of medical laser and operating room experience. 

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Mackin Medical Provides the Following on Each Case


    A factory trained laser technician to install, operate and assist all cases.

   All disposables and accessories necessary to complete each case.

   All laser safety documentation required by your biomedical department.

   We follow your laser safety protocols, as well as those required by JCAHO.

Mackin Medical Technicians are Compliant with 

the following vendor credentialing programs:





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